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Homemade croissants

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Homemade croissants

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...yup, i did it! and the taste is heavenly! :)

shi's picture

I gotta try that mouth watering

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They look fantastic,,,,,,,, you can see they will /did taste delicious....
I am pea green with envy :-))))qahtan

Floydm's picture

Those are beautiful.

Paddyscake's picture

WOW...How long have you been baking breads? YUM!!

cosmo's picture

THEY're so lovely! I've tried making croissants before, never did they come out as beautiful as that.

helend's picture

great pics - I like the caption on the original pic - how did you do that?

vhender's picture

can u share your recipe?? please



chas6000's picture

Great Looking!    is that an egg wash?   does that keep them from 'fluffing' at all?

Maryd's picture

They are beautiful....where is the recipe?

zacky11's picture

thank you all for the lovely comments. Yup, this WAS my actual 1st time making croissants at home. I was surprised myself to see the croissants turned out that nice.

helend: I added the caption using a photo editing software. Or you can also use the Paint tool if you're using Windows ;)

victoria & maryd: the recipe is here in this webbie. Anyways, here's the link:

chas6000: I'm not really sure if it was the egg wash that made the bread all fluffy. I guess it was the repetition of folding & rolling the dough after you put in the butter that determines how fluffy the croissants will be. The more you fold and roll, the more layer the croissants will have, hence fluffier croissants! :)



beanfromex's picture

Beautiful results..well done!!

zacky11's picture

This is my second time making croissants. The recipe can be found here:


Delicious:Days - Croissants

I must say this time the dough was much sturdier than the first time. It was somehow easier to handle and tasted pretty good. The techniques were pretty much the same though. Give it a try, you'll love it! :-)


linyongdousha's picture

That's the greatest looking home-made croissant I have ever seen. Superb job !!! 

Lin Yong

Momo's picture

heyy, i am about to try to make croissants for the first time! and i'm trying to decide on which recipe i should use.. I have to say both of your batches look incredible!! but i was wondering which recipe you preferred for taste? 

PaddyL's picture

I use Beth Hensperger's basic recipe, with some tips from Julia Child, and my own input.  I let them rise till really puffy after shaping, up to 3 hours, depending on the day and the weather, and I roll in a whole pound of butter.  They're my absolute favourite, though I recently made Dan Leader's sourdough croissants and they were also very, very good.

SylviaH's picture

Beautiful tasty looking croissants!  Great photo's too!