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US equivalents to German flour types

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US equivalents to German flour types

I recently returned from Germany with two new bread cookbooks. I can't wait to try out some recipes and have been researching online the US equivalents to the different flour types with little luck.

I will ultimately go by trial and error with different types of US flour, but was wondering if anyone has a definitive list of what types of US flours correspond with the German.

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Can you post the names and characteristics of the German flour types to give us a starting point?

The Bread Bible and The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book both have extensive discussions of flour types with some reference to the European market, so you might want to look there too.


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I live in Luxembourg and have had problems going the other way-- American bread recipes and German and French flour.

Here is a good resource that I recently found:

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Your recommended link is very powerful and useful. I bookmar it and keep on make search of my queries on food.

Thank a lot!!