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Pain de Beaucaire Steps

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October 28, 2008 - 2:26pm -- holds99

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Submitted by SylviaH on


Thanks for the nice set of steps in making this bread.  I have been very interested in making this bread ever since you first introduced it to's on my to do list!


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Hope you try it. One thing I discovered in the process of making this bread is that the dough is also great for making baguettes.  Note: I used Suas " Test" recipe, for 2 lbs. of dough for this batch. Although, as I recall, Suas only calls for 1 stretch and fold I gave the dough 3 of them at 20 min. intervals during the first hour of the bulk fermentation and it really helped the gluten development and made for nice open crumb.   Another thing I did different is he calls for 9 oz. of water but I used 10 oz. because in previous batches I thought the dough needed a little more water and I think it really worked better producing a well hydrated dough, open crumb and good crust.

Have fun and keep us up to date on what you're baking.