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hay i am looking for some one how knows what is BOTARD or a word that sounds like it, it is supposed to be the shape of a bread somthing like an alipse???
thank you .
if you have an answear i will be more than happy if you can send it to me

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Yuval, the word you are looking for is batard. You are correct that it is somewhat elliptical in shape. For a good example, see the photograph with the title "My Daily Bread" on the home page of this site. Depending on the baker's preference, and the degree to which the dough cooperates, you may find some that are more tapered at the ends than the loaf shown in the photograph.

Some people describe a batard as "football shaped". Obviously, they are thinking of a U.S. style football, or of a rugby football, than of a soccer ball.

Other shapes include boules, or ball-shaped loaves; baguettes, the long skinny loaves that most people immediately associate with French bread; couronnes, or crown-shaped loaves; and many others. If you look through the photograph section of this site, you will see quite a few different shapes.