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Japanesque Bread Bakers (1) Mr. hidehdie

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Japanesque Bread Bakers (1) Mr. hidehdie

 Dear all,

   "Japanesque Bread Bakers" has just started!

  I'll offer you an opportunity to get to know lots of Japanese amateur bread bakers here. Hopefully, you can extend the range of your bread baking throughout this contact, by becoming familiar with Japanese ingredients and recipes.

  To my regret, I have not found either a  worthy web site or weblog of Japanese written in English yet.
  Please be remember that most of sites are written in Japanese. I'll tell you the site or weblog which contain as many photos as soon as possible.

  I 'd like to write about Mr. hidehide to get off to a good start.
  Some of you may know him already, right? I've found that his site was referred in a few forums.

  His site is one of the most reliable and worthy among amateur bread bakers in Japan.
  Mr. hidehide was born in 1979.
  Learning in Le Cordon Blue Japan, he gained a diploma in the  confectionary area. Even though he has little specific education on bread baking, he continues providing bread recipes to take advantage of his knowledge and experience in his school days. I'm sure many amateur bread bakers are helped by his detailed information.

  Mr. hidehide is famous as the organizer of the largest bread baking community in a certain SNS as well. More than 10,000 bread bakers, including professionals, take part in this community. I assume that his community is somewhat similar to The Fresh Loaf. (Sorry, I'm not a member.....)

  Why don't you visit his site shown below?
  You do not understand Japanese? Don't worry! His recipes have many photos, you can easily imagine how to bake breads from his recipes. Please be notified that he invites technical questions only in his SNS community.

  Hidehide's Home Cooking Recipe

  the latest version of his site:

  His recipe List with Photos:

  His entry provided in English from the earlier version:

  *This post was written with approval from Mr. hidehide.

  Thank you and happy baking!

 teroli from a small kitchen in Japan