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New to Wheat grinding and baking

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New to Wheat grinding and baking

Hey all!  I am from SC and have just ordered a grain mill and 6 gallons of wheat to start making my own bread.  I love to cook and bake.  With all of the artifical stuff that goes into the foods we eat I am trying to feed my family better.  My next step is bread.  Does anyone else mill their own wheat?  I am looking at the pictures on this site and hoping that I can have some master pieces like these!! 

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Welcome to TFL, Crysann!

I am new to milling my own grain as well. Just getting started. It's fun!

You will find a lot of very knowledgeable people posting here on this subject. In fact there's a whole Forum devoted to Grains and Milling for you to browse around in. Please check this out:

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your posts and seeing the results of your baking adventures!

Soundman (David)

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I started grinding my own wheat for bread about 4  months ago and I am hooked. Lots of help and tips on this forum. I am still in the process of developing what I like as my "daily bread", developing some expertise with sourdoughs and trying some fun recipes too. I just made a batch of sourdough English Muffins this morning-wonderful. I've also perfected my recipe for some great biscuits this weekend. I used to make hockeypuck baking powder biscuits but these turned out fabulous. I think I finally got the hang of them.

HAve you done any bread baking in the past? What level are you starting at -what do you want to learn about and what are your questions? The search feature works really well on this site. But watch out-it can become addictive!

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I am so new that my milling machine hasen't arrived!!  I do love to cook and bake.  I make a mean pound cake!  I just made banana bread and some sweet potato pies tonight.  It is totally my hobby.  I am wanting to make ALL of our bread products.  If I get my stuff in a few days, I would like to bake the hotdog buns for my little ones 2nd birthday party. 

 I need to learn everything!  I am most worried about working with yeast.  The whole rise and kneading thing scares me.  I have a 6 qt mixer that I think will be my savior.  I am also worried that I won't fit into my pants when I start all of this baking. 

 Sourdough English Muffins!  YUM!!  I can't wait to try bagles!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome!