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round italian deli sandwich rolls

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round italian deli sandwich rolls

Hi there everyone,

 I've been looking around on the net for a while now in search of a recipe for round italian deli sandwich rolls, the kind you'd find in a deli in the South Jersey area.  We're not talking the kind of roll that's like a hamburger bun.  These rolls are a little bigger, have a fairly thin crust and are chewy (but not overly chewy on the inside).  They're often sold in round or torpedo shapes for sandwiches in family-owned delis, and we always used to by them by the dozen on Sundays along with fresh lunchmeat.  


Anyway, I'm not sure if the only thing to do is take an italian loaf recipe and make rolls out of it, which I'll probably try tonight, but after spending a couple of hours looking for recipes without much luck, I thought I'd start a post to see what everyone has to say.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for any direction you can provide!  :)  


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I was thinking that maybe something like a ciabatta bread would make a nice roll. They might be a little wet to work with. However, our smaller 2 oz rustic rolls had a wonderful chewy texture and flavor.

Crust might be a little more than you are looking for though.

Gordon in Abilene, TX

Beit Lechem

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In New Orleans they make a sandwich with lunch meat, cheeses, and olive salad.  It is stuffed full, pressed awhile, and sliced like a pie and served.  Check for muffalato recipes.

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These I made into 4 oz. rolls (dough weight before shaping).

For sandwiches you may want to increase the size to 5-6 oz of dough for sandwich rolls.  Don't know exactly what you're looking for but these have a nice crunchy crust and soft, fairly open interior.  In my opinion they're very good rolls for sandwiches or, in the 4 oz. version, great as breakfast rolls.  They're close to brotchen or Chicago rolls.  You can also shape them into ovals. 

Take a look at the following link to Mark Sinclairs video showing shaping rolls at Backhome Bakery tutorials.

Good luck with your search and your rolls.


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joan pulaski

Also searching for these wonderful deli rolls

ever since relocated from NYC to Deerfield Bch. Fl.

Does anyone know where I can find them.

 Thank you


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A long, long time ago, in a state far away, I worked in a sub shop in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. We got all our bread and rolls from Baldanza's Bakery, at that time in Long Branch. Now they're in Brick. They delivered to almost all of the local delis and sandwich shops in the area; their stuff is the standard to which we keep aspiring, I think. I wish I could just call them and ask for thir recipe, but I doubt they'd give it to me!