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no more bread baking for a bit , those knives are SHARP

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no more bread baking for a bit , those knives are SHARP

yikes i sliced the h**l out of my right index finger. trying to cut down  a slab of ribs to cook in the crock pot for tomorrow nites dinner, knife slips in my hands somehow.  went to primacare to get it stitched  up and tetanus shot, hurts like no 's business. that was the same knife i just used to slash my last bread bake.....

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I'm so sorry to hear about your knife accident.  Reminds me of a mandoline slice I did a few years back.  Just almost took the very tip off.  Very Scarey...I know how you must have felt.  I also had to get a shot.  Take care.


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A very effective way to slice the pads of one's fingers off cleanly.  I still regard mine with a leery eye everytime I use it.


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i wish i had a dollar every time i cut my self and the pane was just as bad no matter how small or big. i am sure you will be fine just take care of it and give it time to heal.  it will be a memory soon and thibgs will go on.

keep thouse knives sharp  the dull ones are more dangerous and more likely to slip and cut you.

keep well