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Recipe for a middle eastern cinnamon laced flat bread. Help please.

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Recipe for a middle eastern cinnamon laced flat bread. Help please.

This is my first post, as I have had no luck in finding a recipe for this.  I was lucky to have an Armenian bakery close to my college years ago, and besides having some of the best breads, they had some small, pita-like sweet breads, which if i remember correctly were called "amour".   They were about 8 inches in diameter and maybe 1/3 of an inch thick, very soft, and were marbled with cinnamon.  I've looked everywhere, but can't seem to find anything resembling them.  I would appreciate any help.

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Maybe check out Naan bread, I had it a few weeks ago and it matches everything but the cinnamon in the description, and I'm sure cinnamon could be added easily.

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  Im sure you know your pita bread.  when u make the dough  add alittle cinn & little sugar  let it rest  30 min     smell it!  the nose will make you remember.  comfort food never forgets   Its like things your mom made devide dough in half  Add cin to one half  No more to the other   make up as usual.  Which half is closest to what your bakery made.  used to work in a big party place  [banquets].  A greek guy wanted soup made that his mother made for him   5 Gal we hade to make we tasted,fooled around for 45 min  the final shot of lemon grass  we got it!  You can get yours too!