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Wolfgang Flour Mill (aka KoMo Fidibus Classic)

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Wolfgang Flour Mill (aka KoMo Fidibus Classic)

I am considering the purchase of the Wolfgang Flour Mill (aka KoMo Fidibus Classic) and would like to see what others here think of this product.

My primary uses would be for making small amounts of bread and pasta flours.

Thanks for any feedback!

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    I don't know about his flour mill, but I dig Wolfgang's vest.

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sheffield (not verified)
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I had not seen that, thanks!  The main things I learned there were that there is a "Classic" model and a "21" model which is a little smaller.  That page covered the 21 and mentioned that it does not handle popcorn.  This is too bad since I read recently that popcorn makes the best cornbread.  But. perhaps the Classic model can mill popcorn.

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have you actually ever had popcorn cornbread? I bought a 25 lbs bag of great quality multicolored, organic popcorn thinking it must taste better than corn.... what a disappointment... very tasteless, in my personal opinion popcorn is best for, well, popcorn.

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I have the classic model, and it has the same rule about popcorn.  From what I learned when I was researching mills, only those that use steel grinding plates ever allow popcorn - ceramic is apparently not hard enough.

That being said, I'm quite happy with my mill.  It produces everything from cracked grains to very fine flour without any problems.  It's very well-built, and as a bonus, it looks great too.  I've only had mine for 6 months or so, so I can't really speak to longevity as of yet.

The only disadvantage that I've found is that ceramic mills like these cannot handle all substances - other than popcorn, they also cannot grind beans or nuts (these are too soft and will just "smear" onto the stone) and apparently cannot grind oats very finely (though I have never tried this).  Unfortunately, when I was looking for a mill, I couldn't find one with steel plates that I preferred to the Fidibus Classic.  Since I don't have much need to grind beans and nuts, and can always make due with a food processor or coffee grinder, this wasn't a big problem for me.

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I've had the Fidibus for a little over a year now and am very happy with it. I never grind large quantities at once as I like the flour to be included in the dough within minutes of freshly milled, but have used it for very fine flour and very coarsely ground soy beans as well. I think mine can handle corn as well, but in stages... start with very coarsely ground and grind it once or twice more with a finer setting.

The only thing it cannot grind are nuts and seeds that contain oils, but as you mention, you can use a food processor or coffe grinder for that.