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Wet Crumb

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October 17, 2008 - 10:16pm -- SylviaH

My first experience with rye flour.  This is Eric's favorite rye.  Im not sure how my crumb is supposed to look but I know it's not supposed to be this moist.  I have read this can be a problem when making rye breads and not knowing what Iam doing here please feel free to give any and all suggestions.  First mistake I know I did was slice it just as soon as it was barely cool.  Is it supposed to have this big of holes/open crumb?  I like rye bread and because it is so healthy to eat I had ordered medium rye and pumpernickel from KA...I don't want to waste please help.

Thank You, Sylvia


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Submitted by josordoni on

Looks good to me!  Looks just like the rye finish I aim for LOL...

I am not sure what to advise if you want it to be less moist and holey, I think the most likely things are:

1) increase the wheat flour to rye ratio

2) cut the hydration level a bit

I got a tighter crumb when I added some oatmeal flour to my mix, you could try blending some rolled oats to a fine flour and adding some of that to the mix (not too much, just a couple of ounces).

Now I am no expert, I haven't been baking all that long and I am still experimenting, but I love all my breads, even though each one is different (and that's using the same recipe.....)




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Submitted by SylviaH on

I think maybe I could have let it sit in the oven for a bit with the door cracked before removing it to cool.  I'm like you I tend to never stick completely to written directions, or recipes....I guess everyone pretty much does cook and bake to their own tastes.  Half the funs getting there!