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New Member Here

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New Member Here

Hello Everyone,

What a great site you have here !!
It was only yesterday that I found you.
I've been baking Bread for five years now and still do all my kneading by hand. It's great therapy.
I tried using my KitchenAid mixer once but the bread was not quite the same,
I'm just now getting into Sourdough and have only baked one loaf with my starter. I guess I was expecting it to be like San Francisco Sourdough but it had no sour taste at all. It actially had a sweet taste even though I only used one Tbl. of honey.
The oven spring was fantastic. That loaf puffed up like a balloon and looked like it was going to explode.
I'll be off on a new adventure next week when the grain mill that I ordered gets delivered by the UPS truck.
Anyone have any tips on what type of wheat I should be grinding ?
It Should be fun.

Jim C

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Welcome, GreyStone.

I've been making un-sour sourdoughs too. I'm thinking this weekend I may have actually gotten a dough together that'll have some bite to it. I'll find out this afternoon when I bake it. If it turns out to be nice and sour, I'll post some info about what I did differently.

I've never milled my own grains, so I don't have any tips for you there.

Hooray for Petaluma, home of my favorite chicken statue. I lived there as a kid (went to McNear Elementary).

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Hi Floyd,

Sorry I could'nt reply sooner. I was quite busy with a three week house painting job.


Floydm wrote

Hooray for Petaluma, home of my favorite chicken statue. I lived there as a kid (went to McNear Elementary).

Ahh yes, the famous chicken. It was moved to the fairgrounds a few years ago.

My grainmill arrived two weeks ago but I have'nt had a chance to test it out yet.
I also got "Laurals Kitchen Bread Book" and I'll post some pics when I finally spring into action.

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Hello Everyone, I am new and look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

I am hoping to learn how to cook a really good pizza, and am nervous about using the dough. I usually make a mess with the pastry and it never turns out.


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Hello to all,

I am new in here and might need some help next week when I plan to to bake some bread. I am a retired chef but never had any training in baking at all but managed on my own  to create a loaf of bread using half whole wheat flour and half regular old fashioned oatmeal ,dry yeast,salt,brown sugar, water and a bit of olive oil.

I usually  make 2 loafs in 5x9 pans,use one and freeze the other.

I want to change the formula to a sourdough bread and don't know yet how to go about it.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you .

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Hi Berndy

Welcome to TFL

I suggest you type "convert yeast to sourdough" in the search box at the top left of this page and you will find a range of ideas that others have written about the topic.

If you are planning to bake with it next week, I assume your sourdough starter is well established. Even if it is, you might find this a useful read:

The Handbook and the Lessons which can be accessed from the dark banner at the top of the page are useful too. 

Next time when you have a question I suggest you start a new forum topic, (click Forum, also in the dark banner) that way it will come more easily to the attention of the friendly folk here, who will do their best to help.

Cheers, Robyn