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Is there only one type of stickiness

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Is there only one type of stickiness

Hello everyone, I'm entirely new to this bread thing and i have a question about kneading the dough. Stickiness and lack of elasticity seem to be big problems I am facing. Can stickiness mean the dough is too dry? or does it only mean too wet? I have tried adding flour but it seems i eventually have added another whole cup and then my dough is extremely stiff and dense. I've tried oil and that seemed to work a little better, but in the end the stickiness came back. Please give me your ideas. Thanks.

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Usually it means your dough is too wet. An ordinary loave can have about 60% water. That means you calculate the total amount of flour and take 60% of that in liquid. That is all the liquid you use, including oil or eggs, or any other liquid. If you use any oil 1-2% is enough, any more makes a rich loaf and in that case you usually take butter, not oil. So 1 tablespoon should be enough.
Perhaps you van post your recipe, it makes it easier to see what the problem is.
Good luck,

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Moist, sticky dough at the end of kneading isn't a bad thing: I'm a big believer that the wetter, the better. The dough will tend to tighten up as it ferments (particularly if you fold it).