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First attempt on a Big Green Egg

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October 16, 2008 - 11:57am -- krekdayam

Here I was, thinking I actually had a clue of how to make bread. I spend a figurative appendage buying a Big Green Egg in Yurp, at this was the first attempt at using the 650 degrees I extracted from the egg


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Submitted by cordel on

Oh, dear. I hope you keep trying. I have successfully baked batards, boules, and pizza on the Big Green Egg. It is a matter of not cooking at 650 degrees, but learning to control the heat.

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Submitted by SylviaH on

Try pizza and it only takes a couple of minutes at a very high temp.  Bread is another story.  I did the same thing with a pork roast in my pizza wood fired oven...actually I was very lazy and thought it would be ok all nite in the cooling down oven...the next morning it was a complete little pile of ash with just a hint of bone...I couldn't believe my a good laugh and lesson...your oven will be a lot of fun when you learn about controlling and using the heat it holds.


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Submitted by cordel on

Have you tried maintaining an even temperature?  My husband smokes boneless pork loins at 200 for ten to sixteen hours, we have slow cooked chicken, and roast beef, and I have cooked various breads, all at different temperatures, and using very little fuel, considering.  We start a roast at a high temperature, and then shut it down, while the pizza cooks at 650 or thereabouts.


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Submitted by keesmees on

the temperature seems alright. maybe you should make a bit wetter dough.  8^)