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Seeking Stone & Peel but need Help

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Seeking Stone & Peel but need Help


 I was hoping to get some recommendations for a good stone (links would be greatly appreciated!) and also a good peel.   I am willing to pay for high quality items as that's all that I want.    Nothing gets to me faster than something that breaks or has serious faults.


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I got my baking stone and peel both from King Arthur flour. 



Baking stone:



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I got mine from


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nytesong coincidental!  I will be in Philadelphia this weekend and that's where the place is.  I'll have to check them out.  Thank you =)

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I had broken 2 stones and finally went to Dal Tile and bought a case of unglazed quarry tiles for $20.  I can line 2 shelves of my oven and I still have left overs.  I just got sick of the stones cracking.  I think it was operator error.  But I like the tiles alot.  You can cover more space for less money.

This is the page that shows the tiles.  Mine are the red blaze 4" ones.

This is their dealer locator.  My peel i bought at the local restaurant supply store.

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as soon as I replace the range. However, I should say we should inquire as to whether anyone knows about them here. They were recommended to me earlier.

They have them for home ovens. I just bookmarked the commercial stone page.

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I use an Epicurean pizza peel.  It is very easy to clean and is also a multi-tasker.  Info on Epicurean can be found here

I don't know if Fantes carries the Epicurean brand, but am sure you will find everything you need or might want there. 

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 I have an epicurean too that I got at Williams Sonoma. I got it for picking up a layer of cake which icing larger cakes, but now I use it for breads on the stone too.

As for stones, I have my KA one I got cheap from Ross', so we'll see how long it lasts.




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