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Cuban Bread

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Cuban Bread

Looking for a good recipe to try.   Anyone one to share??  I'd like to make sandwich size rolls out of the dough or make loaves. Thanks again for your help!!!!

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Many , many moons ago when I first started to make bread, I made what was I believe Cuban water bread, it turned out ok, but I think you would do better looking through other recipes as I found the Cuban water bread staled very quickly.

I could be wrong but thats what I found, I haven't made it since. There are thousands of recipes for breads that are quite simple to make.


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There are multiple Cuban Bread recipes on this thread. Check them out.

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James Beard's book, Beard on Bread (pg. 46), has a recipe, which he refers to as "French Style" Cuban bread.  It's a fairly good recipe, which I have made. 


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I've never made Cuban bread but have eaten it many times at the Columbia restaurant in Ybor City.  The crust is extremely crisp and crackly, more so than any other bread I have ever eaten.  The waiters carry little brushes and "dust pans" to clean the crumbs from the table cloth.

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Here's a link to my favortie Cuban bread recipe:

I first made this last summer and took it along for the first leg of a summer vacation.  Best Cuban bread recipe I ever used!  My Cuban friends insist that lard has to be used for some or all of the fat in this bread for authentic taste, so I just followed what this recipe recommended.  I also used the soaked string trick for the center portion of the loaves.  It made wonderful sandwich bread for any kind of sandwich, including Cuban sandwiches.  If you really want the best sandwich, cook your own marinated pork in the crockpot.  Here's my favorite pork marinade and recipe (scroll down a  ways in this link, but interesting reading about the "perfect" Cuban sandwich to read while you scroll):

I'm a huge fan of this sandwich and this bread--it's wonderful stuff!

In a pinch, you can use a bottled mojo marinade, Goya brand Mojo Criollo marinade,  instead of making up your own fresh marinade.  I find mine in the Hispanic/Mexican/Latino section of my local supermarket here in Riverside, CA (Stater Bros.).  It saves some time and is pretty good--but if you have the time, make the marinade up fresh using the one from the Cuban sandwich link.  The flavors of the finished meat will be "brighter" and fresher-tasting.