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Wheat Seeds?

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Wheat Seeds?

Does anyone have a good online source for small amounts of wheat seeds?  I have a very small plot of land (very small - 4'X4') and a I realize I won't get much of a yeild, but I want my kids to see how bread gets to the table from beginning to end.


I've found a few places that sell 3, 6, 9 pound bags online, but I need much less.  And, since I procrastionated, I suppose I'll need to grow spring wheat instead of winter.




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 How about getting a scoop of 100% certified hard wheat kernels from your local

health food store, there you should be able to buy just as much or as little as you want.

                            Just my 2 cents worth,,,, qahtan

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I'm a farmer and I can send you a little of the seed we've been planting on our farm in Oklahoma.  We have several varieties that are very suitable for milling.  Let me know if you want some. Please email