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Hello everyone! I'm new here, and fairly new to bread baking. (though I'm decently familiar with dessert baking) I've recently gotten into bread baking to help save money, and for health reasons. I require a high fiber almost totally whole grain diet (no white bread) and have been buying my bread the last year from the local health food store/bakery....but I love baking and good bread is one of the things I can eat without health consequences...:)


So I'm here to learn, and hopefully find recipes that agree with my diet and ocassionally stuff that doesn't, because I like to see other people enjoy baked goods too, and I feel like by baking I'm being productive in some way that is unique. 


Look forward to learning what I can, and forgive any dumb questions that may arise about bread baking in general. ;) 



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Glad you've joined us.


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 Hi nightphenix,

 what state you are from?? Welcome you to our webside.Tell us more about your self

and ask if you have any problems.


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i'm also into the health aspects of bread baking. i like to have as much whole grain as possible; and it is possible to have a healthy and good tasting bread.....i really have become very set on whole grains.....find them very good, especially rye and whole wheat together. yummy!