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Which is more economical in the long run?

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Which is more economical in the long run?

I need to stop buying flour from the grocery store since the price is killing me - $5.49 for 5 lbs. So, is it better to buy wheat berries and a mill? I make breads (mostly whole grain) and cakes.

The breads for now are just for "family", but I sell cakes as a somewhat profitable hobby (and that's a real somewhat).

Either way, I'll have to get those containers to store bulk wheat or bulk berries, so tht cost is the same. Question is - will the mill ever pay for itself?

Hmm... I should save for another post - can I mill white cake flour for cakes? I'm as "close to earth" as I can for my cakes too (though people keep wanting food coloring! LOL). 

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Melissa, if you go to you can find those buckets and gamma seal lids much cheaper than I have seen anyplace else.  That will cut your costs over the long run, also.  Terry

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Before you dive into grinding you should check our some wholesale sources. You live in a large metropolitan area. There must be some bakery supply places that will sell to you. From the looks of your site you are a frequent baker so you should be able to use the large sacks of flour.

Here in Wisconsin the price for Gold Medal Better for Bread is down to $2.05 for 5# in the stores and it's every bit as good as King Arthur for $6.50. I can buy All Trumps for $19 for a 50# bag from a supply house. Get yourself some seal able containers to keep the flour fresh and find a better source. I think you be surprised at how willing a bakery supply salesman will be to help you out.  Grinding is a worthwhile project but it IS a project.