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Hey Norm.....

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Hey Norm..... you have a good source for First Clear flour in high qtys?



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first clear is commen at bakery supply houses.  ithere are two houses both about 10 minutes drive away. i am not sure if it is available in 50 pounds but it is available in 100 pound bags at a price that would make KA look like a a loan shark 7 dollars plus for a 3 pound bag is crazy.

i will call on monday for the current price i am working with eric (ehanner) on rye flour if i can het a few more people i will get a bag of clear and white rye and split it ... i have a ups account so i get discounted price on shipping 

i think that a 12X 12 box should hold 25 pounds of flour in two bags so i can estmate the shipping cost oncs i have the send to address.

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OK Norm...count me in for the first clear flour.