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Sourdough - Whole Wheat & Grain

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Sourdough - Whole Wheat & Grain

Hello All,

Thought I'd post a pic of what I believe is my first successful sourdough. I didn't get the rise I was hoping for because I think I over-proved it. I went out for coffee and lost track of time!

I'm really happy with the crumb I've achieved as previously my sourdough attempts have been quite dense.

I've used:

250g starter

250g Bakers White Flour

250g Whole Wheat Flour

1/4 cup of soaked mixed grains

5g table salt

About 300ml of water 







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Congratulations Lauren, it's quite a thrill, isn't it?  I'm new to it too.  What fun!

I find that I lose patience waiting for things to double, or even come close to doubling.  I'm having better results since I've let things ferment longer in the primary fermentation stages.  (A baker is patient, a baker is patient, a baker is ...)  I usually proof about 3 hours in a warm (75 - 80 degree) room.


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Lauren, those are great-looking loaves! Kudos to you.

I agree with Paul, the first successful sourdough in one's baking life is a special moment. Especially if one's first attempts justified all the self-doubt that went into making them!

I like to stick around the whole time during bake day, depending more on my senses for when a stage is finished, rather than the clock. So much can go wrong if I'm not attending to the task at hand, even if it's waiting for bulk fermentation to end. But as Paul says, it takes patience to develop patience.

I look forward to following more of your baking efforts in the future!

Edit: by the way, I may be off base on this, but you might want to post this kind of event on the Sourdough and Starters Forum and insert the photo into the posting itself. Just a thought.

Soundman (David)

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The crumb looks good and I bet the taste was very good. Good luck with your future bakings and have fun here at TFL.                                                                                         weavershouse

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Thanks for your comments everyone.

Yes, you'll have to excuse my poor forum posting skills. It took me about half an hour to figure out how to get those photos up - lol.