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first rye attempt

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first rye attempt

well here's my first attempt at a rye since being a member of this  rye sour's aren't ready yet so i tried one not needing a sour....used the cornmeal rye recipe in laurel's bread book.   (i tried to be brave and slash as i could) here it is fresh out of the oven: 


here's the recipe for those who are interested:

90 g cornmeal

175 ml boiling water

7 g active dry yeast

60 ml warm water

400 g whole wheat flour (ka)

125 g white bread flour (arrow head mills)...i added this, in laurel's recipe her's was 100 whole grain and i wanted to see if i'd get a better rise w/ a tad of white flour....i've made her recipe's before sans any white flour and they rose not at all.

255 gms whole grain rye flour (hodgson mill stone ground)

14 g salt

16 gms caraway seeds 

350 ml yogart (i used redwoodhill farms goat yogart, love that stuff!) 

30 ml cider vinegar 

60 ml olive oil

30 ml honey

120 ml water (added during kneading...i added about 1/2 of this)

dissolve cornmeal into boiling water. set aside covered.

dissolve yeast in warm water. mix flours seeds salt in large bowl.

mix yogart, vinegar, oil, and honey in with cornmeal mixture. stir till smooth.

stir cornmeal mixture into flours, then stir in yeast. i hand was a stiff dough and then per her instructions kneaded the additional water into the dough.....i think i may have kneaded too long and hard about 15 minutes total....but there's nothing like experience and practice to define a framework!

round dough and let rise covered approx 1 1/2 hours till dough just sighes.

press flat and round again, let rise again, 1/2 amount of time as before

divide dough in two. let rest. shape into loafs and bake in preheated 400 oven for 10 minutes. (i used la cloche.... to steam)

after 10 minutes turn down to 350 and bake for 50 minutes.....confession here.....i forgot to turn oven up to 400 from last time i baked, it was at 350 when i put the loaf i cranked it up to 425 and baked for 20 minutes w/ the cloche on....then turned down to 350 and baked 40 more minutes..... ;-)

i had to bake each loaf separately as i can only get one loaf under the la cloche at a time. so second loaf is baking now.

I'll post a picture of the crumb as soon as i've cut into the loaf.....hard to wait! 

apologizes for the poor quality of the image of the's the only digital camera we have.....anyway....the taste is actually quite wonderful. the crust is great......chewy and the inside moist and yummy. is it the best jewsih rye i've ever but on it's own it's really a very good bread. not a bad start....i think the 125 g white bread flour helped too.....much as i hated to add it.....not a bad compromise...... 

second loaf....