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Norm's Onion Rolls Reduex!

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Norm's Onion Rolls Reduex!

I made Norm's Onion Rolls back in April and wish I had posted them then. That bunch seemed to be a little more aesthetic. These were great tasting and Norm's Onion Rolls, along with Henry's Scones have made me quite popular with the neighborhood.

Burger with Norm' s Onion Roll and Mr. Stripey tomatoes! Delicious!!

Thanks Norm and Henry!! ehanner's made me covet that onion poppy seed explosion again!

Thanks for making them look so good again!



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made norm's onion rolls tonight and really appreiated all of the tips added to the original great recipe.

They were delicious, but i would have liked them to be a bit crustier -- I used high gluten bread flour --  is this different from high gluten -- would that have made the difference --  baked them at 425  with water sprayed in the oven twice in the first couple of minutes.

Any thoughts??