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Hello from Poland

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Hello from Poland


I'm new to The Fresh Loaf. My name is Eliza, I am from Poland and love to bake bread, mostly rye sourdough loaves. I'm happy to be here. Your breads, rolls and pizzas are wonderful. I can't live without Hamelman's book. 

Best regards from Poland! 

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From one Hamelman fan to another, welcome to TFL, Liska! 

As I'm sure you know TFL is home to bakers from around the world. Your participation will be appreciated, and I expect you will find lots to learn from the discussions that thrive (like a ripe sourdough culture!) on this site.

I'm looking forward to hearing about how you make your rye sourdough bread. I consider myself merely a dabbler in rye at this point but am looking forward to learning more. By all means show us pictures of your latest creations!

Soundman (David)

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Czesc Eliza!

And welcome!

I was just looking at your "Przepis na 16 bułeczek" and feeling homesick! I look forward to seeing your posts here!


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Mmmm.... bułki.... smaczne bułki...

Welcome to the site!

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chahira daoud

Hello ELisa,

Welcome in TFL, This is chahira from Egypt, hope to enjoy the site, and to share with us your baking adventures.


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Hi Eliza and welcome,

I have visited Poland many times and your post reminds me and makes me miss Poland.

There is no shortage of great information at this site and I am certain that you will enjoy it.


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Czau (?) Eliza!

It will be fun trying to decipher your website! I used to live a bit south of you in Bohemia. Enjoy this site, I love it.


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Thank you for such a nice welcome. I promise to share with you many pictures and recipes. It's wonderful to be here :)