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Breakfast Bun Called "Haystacks"

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Breakfast Bun Called "Haystacks"

Looking for old recipe for a sweet bun called "Haystacks." They were plain, sweet, yeasty, yellowish (like an egg dough) and shaped like a rounded haystack with a plain confectioner's sugar icing and toasted coconut sprinkled on top. They were bigger than a hot cross bun and smaller than a hard roll. They were not heavy or doughy and had only a dinner roll type crust. We would buy them back in the 1950's in a bakery in Bridgeport, CT for Sunday breakfast. There were a lot of different ethnic bakeries there so they might be based on some sort of braided European bread.

I can still smell the inside of that bakery and remember my fascination with the bread slicing machine! Anyhelp would be wonderful - S

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I know I've seen a recipe somewhere.  Give me a bit, I'll look through my cookbooks, and see what I can come up with.