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I think my oven is shot

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I think my oven is shot

Hello All

I took a break from bread making for the latter part of the summer and now I am back into it again. I have a problem though and wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this. I have a GE Gas oven, not sure the model number its about 5 years old and was working okay up til about 2-3 weeks ago. I cannot get it hot enough, I set it to 450 - 500 and the thermometer I am using only gets up to 350. I know its not that hot because the breads I make do not have the crust and crumb I have grown to know and love and the pizza I have baked recently barely got done. Is the oven shot, time to get a new one? Any suggestions.



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Might be cheaper at first to try to troubleshoot it through the GE website.  Could be something as simple as a broken thermostat.  Any repair shops nearby?

On the other hand, shopping for a new stove is great fun!

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Make sure the thermostat probe is clean. Most gas ovens will have a thermostat probe sticking out of the back wall of the oven. If it has a piece of food or other junk stuck to it that material will heat up quickly and make the thermostat think the oven is hotter than it is.

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My first thought is also the temperature probe. It might be damaged or broken, unplugged (if socketed), contaminated as bredhed suggested, or it might have absorbed enough stuff that it no longer works (that final problem is more likely seen in industrial ovens where temperatures are higher, but could happen in your oven). Try to locate it and see if it can be unplugged and replaced.

My next thought would be the control module - baking at 550 with steam is hard on the controls if they are electronic. You might have burned that out and need to replace.

The problem with appliance repair these days is that the cost of a service call approaches the cost of a new unit. But if you like you stove and aren't looking for a reason to replace it I would try troubleshooting or a repairman first. Putting a new water pump in our dishwasher cost almost as much as a new unit :-( but we had the satisfaction of not adding to our nation's waste stream.


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This might help. With a gas oven it seems more likely the thermometer isn't calling for gas when needed. There are lots of online help sites if you want to at least get familiar with the components. Depending on how much of a fix it person you are you can decide later if you want to dig into it. Here is the link to one.


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thank you all for your replies...all makes sense, I will take a look at it this weekend!!