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How do I make a good wheat free bread

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How do I make a good wheat free bread

Hi, I am a new member from England UK and I think the  ideas and recipes on this website look really great.

I am a fairly inexperienced baker but LOVE doing it and want to do lots more! However, I really want to start by learning how to bake a good wheat free loaf (for celiac and wheat intolerances) I have tried on my own using rice flour and potato flour but I find the rice makes it very gritty in texture and I dont like the taste much.  I have tried corn starch with rice but this is better but I still feel it needs more taste and  smoother texture. I find potato starch make things a bit rubbery!  I am really happy to experiment with different quantities and ingredients but cant find a happy soloution yet!

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staff of life

I don't have any experience with wheat free loaves, but the best discussion and recipes for them I've seen are in Bread Matters, by Andrew Whitby.  He's British.  I ordered it from Amazon UK, but I'm sure you could find it at a bookstore easily.


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I've never made a fully gluten free bread other than tortillas but there is a good list of alternative flours at  I've read that Teff is pretty good for making breads.  Let us all know what you find/learn.