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Ciabatta at 3:30 a.m.

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Ciabatta at 3:30 a.m.

This is the 4th batch of Ciabatta that I've tackled and it's improved with every session. What's of note is that the dough has continually gotten more slack as my finished bread has improved. What a relief. The first batch of ciabatta based on a poolish was tasty enough... the entire batch went in two days.. what didn't fly off the shelves was promptly eaten by myself. :)

I am getting the hang of figuring out just what each loaf should be weighing in at to make a good sized sandwhich.
What really springs to mind when I finished this last batch (at 3:30 am) was that 99% of the ciabattta I've ever had has been total garbage. Poor crumb, no flavor and the more I learn about baking the more I suspect that it's all a straight dough with zero fermentation.

Thank God I don't have to subject myself to that anymore. :)

The other bread that has really surprised me on both the sales side and on the tastyness side is Anadama bread.
Wow! I never thought something could have such a great texture! Most of the formulas I've seen for it have been straight doughs but I have been extending or delaying the fermentation process using the fridge - and the flavor is fantastic.
The molasses add's the perfect sweet note... the kind of sweetness that is just a tad smokey - not the kind you get from white sugar at all. The customers seem to enjoy it as well - and I have to admit it's nice to be handing out tips on proper storage for good handmade bread. :)

Now if I could only get my local flour supplier to provide me with more data on the flour they carry. That and I wish my storeroom was bigger - I can easily see myself running out of space if I order in a few more 55lb sacks of flour. :)