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gluten free dutch oven bread

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gluten free dutch oven bread

Hello fellow knead-less dutch oven bread enthusiasts! I've been enjoying this bread for almost a year now and rarely have trouble with it, except when our temps. here are in the 100's. Then it rises too fast, comes out flat, etc...Anyway, I've had a request for a wheat free version using buckwheat, spelt, quinoa, or other non-wheat flours. Have any of you baked this bread wheat free?
I'd love some advice before I start experimenting. I'm not really a bread baker, I love the knead-less recipe because it is so simple, therefore I don't really know the chemistry behind bread and alternative flours. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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I posted a recipe her a while ago: 

You can make it with yeast. I make it every two weeks for someone and I basically use 450g of any gluten-free flour I have with a preference for brown rice, corn, buckwheat.

Spelt isn't gluten free but many people who have trouble with wheat gluten can eat it.

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Spelt is an ancient form of wheat, and should not be eaten by people with wheat allergy or intolerance. Although some people with wheat intolerance can tolerate spelt the majority of people with genuine wheat allergies or intolerances cannot.

This link give a list of wheat free flours:

And this one a list of flours that are definitely not wheat free: