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My backyard oven

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September 15, 2008 - 2:42pm -- gavinc

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Submitted by Petrissage on

What a great looking and artistic oven! Is the oven adobe? How big is it in diameter? Do you use a door when you bake?

 I would like to know more about what was involved in making the oven, as I have a dream of making one myself.

I also like your huge rosebush behind the oven! 


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Submitted by gavinc on

 Thanks Petrissage,

I loaded the picture here so I could include it in a reply to Sylvia on the Pizza forum.  You will find a description and how I made the oven in my blog on this site at:

I have a door that I just block against the opening when I bake.  I hand a wet towel on the inside of the door to create some steam.  It took a few weekends part-time and about $500 AUD to build out of second hand materials (red clay pressed bricks).  The oven is mostly used for pizza days with family and friends (and the neighbors infiltrate whenever they can!).

Keep in touch if you go ahead with a similar project.  Happy to provide any more details if you need.



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Submitted by gavinc on

Thanks Rudy,

I notice your favourite book is Hamelman's Bread. I've recently tried the pizza dough formula and I'll never use any other now. Before this oven I used a clay tile in our gas barbecue with reasonable results. Give it a try.



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Submitted by KosherBaker on

Will do. At the moment I'm playing arond with using a cast iron griddle frommy BBQ grill as a pizza stone. So it only makes sense to try and make it in the BBQ. Thanks.

One more huge congratulations, on the beautiful oven, you've been blessed with. I managed to see you pizza pictures in it yesterday. And have just one word. Beautiful. Very inspiring even.

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Submitted by weavershouse on

You have a beautiful creative oven there and I'm happy for you. I can tell you really enjoy it. I would.                                                                               weavershouse

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Submitted by gavinc on

Thanks weaverhouse.  Yes, we have great times on firing days.