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Anybody use a camping oven?

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Anybody use a camping oven?

I think I read a long while back about someone using a Coleman camping oven.  I'm thinking of picking one up when we go camping but would like to know if they actually work.  Other thoughts or ideas?  I was think of trying to use a cast iron dutch oven but this Coleman camping oven looks easier to use and regulate.


 Edited to show link of the oven I'm talking about.

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A dutch oven would probably be a better choice for baking.  The heat is actually easier to regulate by the number of charcoal briquettes than the oven is to regulate by the burner on a portable camp stove.  The dutch oven is also far more versatile.  You can cook virtually anything in it.  Terry

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I'd second the dutch oven.  I always recommend Lodge as they are the only manufacturer that still makes their cast iron in the USA and they make a high quality product.  Camp Chef is good too but they cast in India.  For bread I'd also recommend a 12" deep oven.  (the 12" 8 quart size is the L12DCO3 Deep Camp Oven on the Lodge site)

ANYTHING you can make in an oven or on a stove burner you can make in a dutch oven. You can't make everything in your oven that you can in a dutch oven howver. (ice cream is the clincher)

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Mini Oven

Sylvia, this brings back memories of baking in the far reaches of Java. Not only does it look good it folds up! Keep in mind it's not insulated but it should do the trick. I would pick up an oven thermometer too, one you can set or hang on the shelf inside.  Oops, see it has one in the door.

This oven sets over an existing gas burner so it is just a shell with no gas hook up. Simple. Temp is regulated by letting out hot air using rotation vents in front or back or both. I found this style to be very economical in the tropics. It heats up fast. I used one like this for about 1 1/2 years. The footing looks much more stable than mine, maybe the burner design, mine balanced on 4 tuna cans. When I opened the door, the weight was thrown forward, a brick on top of the oven helped or sometimes I would heat food in a sauce pan on top to weigh it down.  Don't know if this oven would support one.  I did have a glass window to peek through.  When using, keep in mind both burners are blocked.

Mini O

audra36274's picture

It works very well and even has 2 burners on top. Has gotten us through many stormy nights with

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Overall Rating:5 out of 55 out of 5
I have got to have one of those!, August 18, 2008
By Watertight from Iowa (read all my reviews) (read all my reviews)
"My wife and I first saw these camp ovens in the Outback, Northern Territory, Australia. Her first reaction, "I've got to have one of those"! Mind you, she just does not get excited about those kind of things.
After searching the web we found them at Bass Pro Shop. She had me order it online before we left Australia.
What a great all around camp stove and oven. It is light weight,easy to handle and has more than enough BTU's to do the job. We have become the main attraction at camps and with tailgaters-warm, fresh baked cookies. Although, we have used it to roast pork, beef and a whole turkey.
We have never found a need for converting to the larger propane tank. The small bottles makes it that much easier to transport. The addition of the cover is a must. Our two grandkids, both under 10, can carry it anywhere.
You have got to have one of these!"

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no power. Boy my posting skills need work!!
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How do you just put in the linc?


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Hi Audra, here's one way. Move your pointer up to the bar at the top of the screeen that has the address of the link you want to put in your post. Left-click your mouse. That should highlight the whole link address. Now press the control button down on your keyboard and hold it down. With the other hand, press the key for the letter C. That will copy the link into your machine's memory.

Now go to the comment you're writing at TFL. Place the cursor where you want the link to show up. Hold down the control button on your keyboard again, and with the other hand press the letter V

You've just done a copy and paste of the link into your comment. There are fancier ways to do it, but that will get you started. Clear as mud?


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I tried it out for practice and it worked like a charm. I had began to think I should stick to baking!                                               Audra

Sparkie's picture

I have used that oven a few times to reheat food, I made muffins in it, came out fine. I have tried dutch ovens they always burned. I also took old pots with lids and just dropped the doughs in them (bisquits), and baked them, they were nicer in the "oven".

 You can practice outside in the yard on a  barbeque grill, or with the coleman stove on a table.  My Grandfather drove my dad nuts with them(coleman style range top oven), he had a collection of them(non folding). He was born in 1896 died 101 years later, these are what non rich people cooked with in cold wate flats of brooklyn and queens and NYC (the 5 boroughs were separate cities until an act of state government).  Because he retired in 1945 on military pension from the big one, WW1, he got the flue of 1918 and lived, he never had a lot of money and felt using these ancient devices were cheaper. He also turned off the pilots.

My dad refinished the kitchen fir him and granny and put in a great stove, then we visit, the entire top was "foiled" and proudly  perched atop it was that friggen  piece of history. My grandfather (not grandma) baked muffins/cakes/pies/chickens in it. I enjoyed the show. I wish I had snagged one when they put him in the home , (he refused to live with us), they were all chucked out.

It is very usable, but you may find it does not fit properly over the top of a Coleman Stove (weird huh??). mine doesn't fit well.  You can take tiles (I used grade 6 ceramic ones, not the generic terracotta ones, cause I had them left over from kitchen), and line the bottomYou can make an extra shelf, and put the tile below the cook/bake shelf. If you also use a real campfire (I usually do not, you can preheat your tiles in the fire then with tongs put them in the oven, (preheated for 1 -2 minutes). This is way better. saves on liquid fuels.

I stupidly missed the chance to buy that coleman gas top stove oven for 100 dollars and now I see the regular price (ouch) If I had know the full retail price I would have bought one, since I am sure I will eventually. It is tiny , but , you can really cook well on/in it.

In the end I would say try both, you may like one fr some things , over the other. The regular dutch oven is easier to deal with in some ways, but more unpredictable. I have eaten food from them enough times on scout trips. Plus my own tries.


btw, you can put that toy over anything... coleman stove, gastop grill, charcoal, wood fires.  For my money the "dutch oven was better in an oven or with a campfire). I also fergit, you can make a carboard oven with boxes and foil and use charcoal briquettes IN IT  it will bake a cake or whatever.I believe it uses either 10 briquettes or 40 briquetts,(I do not remember), there is a formula , each fully white chared briquette = a given thermal output.  A girl scout leader gave me instructions on the how to,  if anyone is interested, (and I can find them;-)  . The woamn who gave me the plans did it, and it worked perfectly. You can also try Solar Cooking Archives for solar cookers. But I believe baking isn't so good for breads, cakes maybe, not breads....