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Artisan bread - Parmesan etc

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Artisan bread - Parmesan etc

Hello, i have been trying various Artisan breads from Safeway...i am really lost in finding the exact way on how should i serve this...i mean do i have it with Olive oil or with Cheese? or with butter? Do i serve it hot or just room temperature?

I am from asian country and we don't have these kinds of really good breads over there, so u have to pardon my question...

Thanks in advance


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James..all the ways you described to serve your bread are depends on what you like. There is no wrong or right way

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Serve your bread at room temp if it's fresh. Ciabatta is best served warm with olive oil or you can make a sandwich with it. Rye and caraway is best made into a salt beef sandwich. I seldom put butter on my breads nowadays except with toast. Any kind of cheese like brie, camembert or emental, gruyere are good with plain loaves. Bread is also served with main meals as well, e.g. have some bread on the side when you're having your stew or spaghetti bolognese. 

People from Asia may find that the plain old white loaf is a bit bland and take a while to get used to as most commercial bread from Asia are sweet or savoury and have some kind of stuffings in it.

I don't know how Artisan supermarket bread is in the US but here in London, the so-called artisan bread are baked from frozen dough. Fresh from frozen is not what I called fresh:) 


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I have seen some dire examples of so called Artisan bread in standard supermarkets - a sourdough boule that looked like someone had sat on it, it was so overproved, ryes that could break your teeth. It's not just the frozen dough, it is the inexperience of the bakery staff thawing and baking it.  You can tell someone what a well proved sourdough loaf should be like (although they probably use set timings) but the actuality of it is down to experience.

Waitrose sell the tastiest and freshest artisan style breads amongst the supermarkets around here, but even they don't come near the stuff I can make for a fraction of the price.



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Mini Oven

Naturally a question arises as to how to put the bread on the table. If there is plenty of room, the bread can be presented on a cutting board with the bread knife for each to cut his own, or bread can be cut and laid into a table-napkin or serviette lined basket. Bread baskets are a size and weight that can be passed around the table easily and many times stand on the table. One can also use a plate or bowl, but these tend to be heavier and can not be passed at lightning speed to, "Bread Please."

Most bread has toppings put on only one side unless the bread is dipped into soup or sauce. Bread served on a bread plate is broken first and then toppings may be added with a knife. Bread does not have to have a topping. Bread slices can also be toasted inside a toaster, warming and browning the outer edges. Bread can also be used as a eating tool pushing food so the fork or spoon can pick it up and the bread is then eaten to clean up the pushing edge.

There are as many toppings to bread as there are stars in the sky but usually get separated into sweet or savory. Generaly, toppings that can be spread with a knife are spread onto the bread directly with the looser toppings placed on top, heavier spreads under the lighter ones.

A sandwich can be "open" on one piece of bread or be made of two pieces with filling or layers between. Large sandwiches are often served cut into smaller ones, but that can also vary with the occasion and the person eating the sandwich. Sandwiches are eaten using both hands in Western cultures.  They can be warm or cold.

I hope this gives some kind of guide. Feel free to do as you like!

Mini O

Examples for toppings:

  • Bread-butter-jam or jelly
  • Bread-cream cheese-cucumber slices-S&P  (salt & pepper)
  • Bread-mashed potato-sliced cooked meat-sliced cheese-sliced pickle-fine onion S&P
  • Toasted bread-butter-smoked salmon-hard boiled egg slice-caviar-lemon juice drops
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Mini Oven
  • bread or toast, hot sauce, thin slice tomato, fried egg, slice cheese, hot sauce, bread 

 Mini O