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Coffee Chocolate Bread

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September 10, 2008 - 11:25pm -- Mini Oven

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Submitted by SylviaH on

  Mini Oven, Your bread looks very good.  I like the way you placed the dough to make your your pattern in your tube pan.  Everything looks so nice and even and the glaze really shines...the bubbles on top of the bread show nicely...what did you use for the glaze and  what kind of chocolate and coffee..powder..liquid ?  I love chocolate bread with dried tart cherries and sugar glaze...I have such a sweet tooth.   Sylvia

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Submitted by Mini Oven on

Thank you.  Glad you like it.  I'm not sure why I always seem to post twice, but the info and thread is HERE.

I's not a tube pan, I think a 9" x 1 1/4" round cake pan.  The glaze is from steam.  I have a new mini oven, a steam oven and I can really zap my bread.  This was a long steam.  The sd loved it, and really bloomed, too bad this came out so salty, next time only a pinch of salt.  I'd love to get my hands on a big bag of those cherries you mention.  I can't find cherries here in Korea, not as juice, dried, tablets or canned.

Mini O