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Hello :D

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Sez osbourne

Hello :D

hello everyone!

I am so glad to have found this site! My Brother has recently been diagnosed with crohns disease and has been told he has to cut out  wheat, corn, maize, yeast, eggs and dairy............BIG BIG BIG change of diet required especially as he loved his bread!!

I am hoping there may be someone on here who might know how we can bake him some bread/wrap like things!

We have bought rice flour, arrow root, tapioca, gram flour, buckwheat, millet and quinoa but have no idea what to do with them...have not been able to get the quantities right yet!!

 I look forward to spending time on the forum, if anyone has any ideas for me theni would be so grateful!


Sarah xxx



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If your brother has to eliminate wheat from his diet, please don't feed him anything made with the graham flour--it is made entirely of wheat.

I hope he is able to manage his diet and avoid the misery that is usually associated with Crohn's.


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There are some gluten free recipes on this site, if you search for them, and you can try the site below where there is a whole wealth of information from a celiac who has learned much from her chef, husband.

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Here is another site you might find helpful:

Also, there is a gluten free bakery here in Los Angeles called  The Sensitive Baker.  I don't know if they ship, but you can reach them at: 310 815-1800.

I hope this helps.


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             I have had crohn's for 20 years and have always eaten what I wanted. I would suggest your brother do some reading on the subject and prpare questions for his doctor. It has been my experience that the elemination of certian foods doesn't help much. Less stress is a large factor in staying well. I love bread and eat as much as I want with no adverese effects. Hope your brother finds the keys to staying well.