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mesquite flour

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mark moody

mesquite flour

we just opened a new company called arizonia mesquite company,we specialize in every thing mesquite ,trees, lumber ,and organic platation grown native mesquite flour,we are curently milling our first crop and have flour availabel for 10$ a pound it is some wonderfull flour

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Mini Oven

Have you ever made Bread with it?  Have a favorite recipe?  Got any pictures?  What does it taste like?

Mini O

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Please contact me at

Would like to discuss your products

Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE Mesa, Arizona

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Mini Oven


link for the curious...

Mini O

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What is mesquite?  It sounds like a French version of those nasty little biting bugs so bothersome in summer.

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I love mesquite flour.

It's amazing. 

I first read about it in Gastronomica, and had it a year or so later when my fiancee and I lived in Arizona. We've had to have a supply ever since, even though we moved far far north.

It adds this wonderful nutty, slightly spicy flavor (think peanut flour with some hint of mellow cinnamon or something like that). 

It works well in just about anything you can think about adding nuts or cinnamon to, and then some.

My favorite recipe that I use it in is cornbread; I usually substitute about a third of the cornmeal with mesquite flour. It tastes wonderful in cookies as well, however--my fiancee makes oatmeal-mesquite chocolate chip cookies that are delicious. I've also made pumpkin bread with it, and I imagine it would work well with similar recipes, like carrot cake.

The only thing that I've learned is to not overdo it. Mesquite flour has a noticable aftertaste if used in too large a quantity. The Gastronomica article mentioned this as well--they described taste tests indicating that, if I recall correctly, more than about 10% or so mesquite flour left an aftertaste for most people. I think you can go more than that, but there's definitely a sweet spot where you can taste the mesquite really well without any aftertaste. 

I'd highly recommend anyone who's interested try it.