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Help. Herman, my new sourdough starter!

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Giles Milton

Help. Herman, my new sourdough starter!

I have just made a new starter (8 days old), days 1 - 7 was at ratio of 1:1:1 , day 8 1:2:2 and still doubles in around 8 hours.

Was just wondering if anyone here could help. I have noticed that in a lot of recipes that I wish to make, the recipe, for example, calls for 300g of starter. I have about 400g or so and was curious as to how I go about replacing what I use in the recipe whilst still keeping the correct ratio. Any help would be great.



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Mini Oven

Welcome to TFL!  What now?  Easy as sourdough!  :)   How often do you want to bake? or better ... How much starter do you need every day?   Every other day?  

If your starter is mature, just stir your starter and remove 300g for your recipe.  Then you are left with about 100g so save maybe 20g to 70g of that, the rest is discard.  If you bake every day, then you will want to plan to save more or less depending on your recipes.  Then add water and flour with the same ratio 1:2:2 as you did before. You can wait 12 hours or until it peaks and build your starter with more water and flour until you reach your goal.  Use it in a recipe after it peaks and the rising stops. 

Example:  Take the left over 100g  and add 200g each water & flour for a total of 500g.  That  would be available in about 12 hours (or sooner, maybe 8) to use in a recipe.  Try it daily for a few days and if you find you don't bake so often or you bake more, reduce or increase your starter.  You can set a mature starter into the refrigerator for a few days until you use it up.  Don't forget to reserve a little to continue your starter.  If you need more, then adding 300g each water & flour to 100g to mature starter can also be done, it may take a little longer for the starter to mature (then again maybe not).  Room Temp is around 25°c or 78°F.  

Example:  Take 75g starter and 1:2:2  again, 150g each water & flour,  total 375g  (300g for recipe, 75g for next starter )  Let mature and use the following day. Repeat.

Tip:  Do NOT get into a habit of washing out your starter jar when mixing up your dough, cover and safely set aside until your next starter has been fed.  You can reuse the jar a few times too.

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