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Genzano Country Bread: Leader's "Local Breads"

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Genzano Country Bread: Leader's "Local Breads"

Well, after my last experience with the flat whole wheat struan(s), I decided to take a momentary break from whole grains and build my confidence back up by trying something completely different.  I've always had good luck with Leader's breads and so borrowed "Local Breads" from the library.  Am I glad I did!

 I used some of my existing bubbling chef (Leader's recipe from Bread Alone) to create the biga naturalle used in the Genzano Country Bread recipe. Not only did the fermentation take off beautifully, but the loaf is my best to-date.   

If ONLY I had my digital camera!  I would love to send a picture.  I didn't realise you were supposed to score the loaf (didn't hunt for the picture until AFTER it came out of the oven), but other than that, it looked nearly identical to the picture in local breads (sans scoring) and the crumb was almost as open as the Panmarino picture at the beginning of that section of pictures.  

I made this without a mixer, kneading by hand using the french fold method (much to the consternation of my husband who was trying to sleep in right above the kitchen) for nearly 20 minutes to get the windowpane.  The first rising seemed a little sluggish, but Boston has had some cool nights and the kitchen was pretty cold.  The second rising and proofing, however, went 'by the book'.

If the proof is in the eating, my two boys are firm supporters of the moist, chewy texture and mild, wheaty flavor.  The 2 year old is even eating every bit of the THAT's something.   

I can't wait to make this one again!

Momma T 

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I'm glad to hear that you made this bread without a mixer. I've been wanting to make it since zolablue posted about making it. Here is her post   Or, just type Genzano in the search and you can see her photos. Did yours look like her photos. I'm glad you liked the taste too. I hope next time you have your camera handy.


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hi there:


Just a note to say I'm so happy that you loved the Local Breads Genzano formula. I recently got this book, and I have made my very best sourdoughs based on it. I ordered some extra fancy durum flours to try the Italian style loaves. Can't wait.

Good luck.

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I wonder whether the Genzano loaf is the same as Pane di Genzano in The Italian Baker by Carol Field? If so, check out Breadbasketcase where Marie recently baked it and has a good write up with pictures. Her husband gave it a rave review. Oh dear, another bread to try! A.

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Hi, MommaT.

You inspired me to (finally) make this bread. I'd love to see photos of yours. Mine turned out less than stellar in appearance, but the taste is wonderful. I need to try again.

I am in total awe of your making this bread without a mixer! Maybe that's what I should have done.

BTW, I don't think the bread is scored. What appears to be slashes is just where the bread ruptured from oven spring.