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question about autolyzing and I am also new here.

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question about autolyzing and I am also new here.

I accidently got ahead of myself and added salt to my dough right before the autolyzing, and it just didn't seem the same after the 20 mins. do you think my bread will rise the right way later in my recipe? I usually use rapid rise yeast. I always add gluten to this recipe too, to help with the rising.

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First, welcome to TFL. The salt won't affect how the bread rises. Many recipes call for adding all the ingredients at once and skip the autolyse.

An autolyse does lessen kneading time and allows a more open crumb. The salt will, however, cause the gluten to toughen and contract and that will probably produce a denser crumb. Am sure it will still taste good, though!


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yes, it did rise! i was concerned because this is what i use to make our sandwiches for kids school lunches all week long. tomorrow will be the real test, will it be good enough for sandwiches? i hope so.

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Glad to hear that it did rise, although it doesn't surprise me. I've found that bread is really quite forgiving and that if the yeast is alive, it really WANTS to rise.

I often add the salt before autolyzing and I often leave the dough to autolyze for as long as 2 hours before kneading it.  (I hand knead...) While I've had my share of failures - largely from allowing dough or shaped loaves to over-rise - I don't think any of my failures were due to when the salt was added.

Even slightly flat sandwich bread is fine for sandwiches. Just slice it on an angle to get the slices to be normal size.