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Looking for e-pals for new bakers

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Looking for e-pals for new bakers

Glad to be part of the group! Besides being an eclectic home baker for over twenty years, I'm also working towards my master's degree in library science. One of my assignments is to create a reference list (nonfiction)for library patrons. Of course I chose to offer a resource list on the topic of breadmaking. Besides noting print and online sources (including this site), I'd also like to offer e-mail correspondence with bakers, for those library patrons who might like to ask a question from those who have actually made bread! Of course, joining the forum is another option for them, but if anyone would like to be an e-pal, please write to me at Thanks a lot! - Meaux

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Hi Meaux,

Welcome to this great site put together by Floyd.
One of the better baking sites out there!

Baking can easily go hand in hand with library science. :)
Well at least if my book collection about breads and baking is any

Best regards,