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Help using a Breadman TR555 Deluxe bread machine

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Help using a Breadman TR555 Deluxe bread machine

I bought a Breadman TR555 bread machine and, in the instruction manual, there is no mention to the different cycles for each program (how many cycles of kneading/rising, how long is each step, etc). I sent 2 emails to the company (Salton), but I had no response after 6 months (I received a confirmation email each time, saying they would get back to me in 2-3 business days...). The reviews for this bread machine were mixed and a lot of them were warning about the poor customer service, but I ignored them. I should not have to!

Does someone own the same machine and know the description of each program?

Thanks for your help! 



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SYLVIAH  There is a model I think the same for sale on e-bay...and it says there is a downloadable version of the might just ask about purchasing the directions...hope this helps!


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Could you just run it through the cycles and mark the times down?

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Thanks for your anwers!

Unfortunatly, the infos I need are not in the manual, but nice idea :)

And I started to sit down in from of my machine with a timer and recorded all the steps for all the cycles, but there are just too many! And, of course, the lengh of each step is different for the 1, 1.5 and 2-lb settings... It was too much work and I was hoping someone already had the info, that would have spared me a lot of time!

But well, now I know what I have to do: stay in front of the machine with a pen and a timer each time I'm using a new cycle... 

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Hi there Cecile,

Just out of curiosity, what do you want to do with that specific information?

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It's just that there are different cycles and I'd like to know the differences between them. I know that the differences between "basic" vs. "whole wheat" bread are the length of each kneading / rising times. But what about "basic" vs. "French"? What is the "sweet" program? I'm even not talking about the 3 rapid cycles and the jam one that I will probably never use (but stil, we never know, perhaps one day...). Furtherrmore, I've got some recipes that ask for adding ingredients at specific times during the cycle (like this increbible brioche recipe I've got where we have to add a Tbsp butter each minute during the last 10 minutes of the first kneading cycle) and it would made my life easier if I knew the entire description for each cycle.

Right now, I'm only using my machine for the dough cycle (that's the cycle I use the most, as I love artisan breads and baguettes) and the basic or wholewheat cycles (for my pain de mie and brioches). But perhaps, the other programs could be handy, if I knew what they were!

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Email me at and I'll send you an Adobe pdf file for your machine. It will also include the original recipe booklet. I got it from Salton two to three months after I told them I'd lost mine. The file is 2,407kb. It has a chart with the information of Kneading and Baking Cycles, page 6 and 7 of the manual.