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My Egyptian Borek ( recipe & preparation steps)

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chahira daoud

My Egyptian Borek ( recipe & preparation steps)


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chahira daoud

roll the remaing dough at the same size of the date paste

put the date on the dough and make a roll.

brush it with the small egg wash,

roll the roll in the sesame seeds, to cover it all,

cut it to 1 cm slice using bread knife, put it in your baking tray " do not grease it, no need",

brush all the shapes with egg wash, and top it with sesame seeds or black seeds or cumin seeds, set aside and let rise for half an hour.

look to my sink!!!!! that is the cost i have to pay every time to have my home made bakes, asking myself:does it worth????

Crying:"hellllllllllpp",my dear husband use to come and help me in such critical situation.

preheat the oven to 220 C,and bake it for 10-15 minutes till golden.

put it on a wire rack, done!!!!

It worth,i love these delicious bakes, i can not even stop eating it.


another pic,

very light & delicious>

That is my first time to write such topics in english , so please forgive me if there are some faults.

Thanks to my dear husband for helping me, he read ten stories to my two lovely kids " yassin & malika" to keep them in their room while i am writing the topic.

Thank for you all for being interrested in my recipe, and try it, love & peace from me to all of you.

Chahira Daoud , Alexandria , Egypt. 





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Thank you for the detailed instructions, Chahira! They look very nice and well worth making. This is something I am planning to make.

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Your baked items look delicious.  Thank you for the detailed photos and instructions.  It's nice to get another perspective on baking and you certainly are an accomplished baker.  Thanks for sharing.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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Thank you so much, Chahira, for your excellent introduction to such lovely treats!

I just hope you had help in cleaning up that sinkful of cooking gear!



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Thank you, Chahira, for this lesson.  I love how you shaped the rose petals!


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Oh man, those look fantastic, well done!  I definitely have to bookmark this recipe so I can try it out.  Thanks for going through all that work to post those excellent photos and instructions!

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Absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so much for sharing.  Terry R

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 ...for just a few of those treats.  Thanks for the photos and instructions too.  Your desserts look delicious!

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Thank you for these wonderful instructions and photos! I'm particularly impressed that this was done from a taste memory of your childhood. I love the idea of the date paste, cinnamon filling with and sesame seeds on the outside!


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chahira daoud

Thank you all for your very nice compliments. It is a shame to be tooooo late" what a bad girl am i??" I am soooo sorry , but i was very busy, i participated in the star chef competetion" arabic version", i was a part in a pumpkin recipes contest, and in the occasion of Ramadan, i had a contest on the internet , i was the chef of the egyptian team " what a horrible responsability".So a very busy schedule , i will show you some of the products sooon.

Dear Cordel , i am waiting to see your Borek version, thank you dear.

Dear holds99, your nice words make me happy , thank you dear, wait for my new products.

lindy d , Penny , thank you very much, dear .

fancypantalons ,swtgra n,& elizabeth, thank you all for your nice words.

Dear Dougal , thank you, i will try to share ideas , but i have to know about the country that they talk about , because there is a lot of differences between middle east countries.

Mark , my dear, you made me shy, i will give you all my plate, but i will not let you wash the dishes, you are my guest. Thank you dear.


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I missed your post when you first wrote it; those are so beautiful! I can almost taste them. My husband loves borek, especially spinach and feta, so I must try these soon.

Thank you for your excellent instructions and pictures!


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chahira daoud

Thank you edh, you are welcome , try it and you will never stop making it.

please do not forget to share your  borek photos with us. 

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I hope to try making some of your delicious-looking breads. You make it look easy, Chahira, but I see the hands of a gifted baker at work. Thank you for sharing so generously of your time and creativity, and thanks also to your husband and children for parting with you while you prepared the message for us.


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chahira daoud

I am sooooo glad to meet such amazing people like you , we  are all in love with the  magic of the yeast , and of course the flour.

Thank you and you are welcome.

I will do my best to share more recipes with you.

Thank you for your very nice words.

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I'm far too lazy to try making these wonderful baked delights myself (eating them would be another story though), but I read all the posts and had a big smile on my face throughout. Such generosity flying around the ethernet, instead of voting each other off the island.  I'll keep watching this post for the latest reports.

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Mmmmmm, I can't wait to try this recipe.They are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us.




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New to board, and saw these and went WOW..these look great! Yeah, if you have the recipe I would love to give these a try!


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hi my dear shoushou

  at first  thank u too much

 it's very nice &  delicious

 and my advice to u >>>>

you'r work really worth>>>go ahead.. and complete you'r life