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Eberhardt Dough Divider

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Eberhardt Dough Divider

I need some help here:  The company I work for recently purchased a 1969 Eberhardt Dough Divider at an auction.  It is in need of cleaning, specifically the dough dividing plate. 

I am completely unfamilier with this equipment, but would like to take some things apart for cleaning purposes.  Obviously a guide or manual would be nice.  Does anyone have any good ideas on where to track an operating manual down for this peice of equipment?  I have e-mailed the company directly and included the fabrication number.  Any other leads are appreciated.

 Thank you 

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I knew nothing about dough dividers, but love a challenge and have learned a little bit now. You might try contacting Customer Service at 

I'm not sure which model you purchased, but maybe you can get something from these photos and you might be able to get help from Baeckereitechnik. 

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Thank you for your help.  I'll keep you informed.

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Here is a thread that starts with a video by Mark Sinclair (mcs) where he shows his Dutchess Divider. Further down the thread Norm (nbicomputers) comments about cleaning and the daily routine care which may be of interest to you. I'd check it out.

If Norm sees this post he could probably give you some help using your "new" machine.

Good luck,