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Baking Stones

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Baking Stones

Thanks, Andrew_I. Ok then re unglazed quarry tiles...I'll try to get some. About your input on mild steel - Peter Reinhart says stones promote more even baking because of their ability to better retain heat - how would mild steel figure in this?

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I don't know how it cpompares directly - but given that so many books on baking bread recommend EITHER a stone, or an upside down baking sheet to retain heat - mild steel is going to be a LOT better than an upside downbaking sheet!

Also, Le Creuset and other cast iron pans retain heat superbly and suggest that their casseroles retain heat so well that the oven can be turned down more than usal and obtain the same results. If it works woith cast iron, it will work with mild steel.

Try it and see!! I'm hooked...