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King Arthur flour price decrease

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King Arthur flour price decrease

I just found this and I attempted to post it under another thread, but did not see it when I went to check the post. I am.  It's too good to covet, besides, it's up our alley and we deserve it.  :)


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So first it goes from $2-2.50 to $4.50-5.50, now they're going to knock what, 50 cents off?  And their medium rye has gone up to 7.25 per bag?  I find it somewhat difficult to get too excited about this great news.


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Just in from the grocery store where all of the KA flours (4) were still $5.99 for a 5lb bag. Hmmmmm, I think I will call and sweetly ask the manager when he plans on lowering the price. I know the excuse will be that we live on an island and it costs mega bucks to ship, A.

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I have noticed in the past couple weeks that KA flour has been priced lower in the grocery stores I shop at than at The Baker's Catalog online. For example, a 2lb. bag of organic AP flour is $2.59 at the local Sendik's market and is still $3.75 online. And a 5lb. bag of bread or regular AP flour is $4.75 at the store, but $5.50 online. Maybe the prices are lower here in the midwest.


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Holly, everything in the catalog is more expensive than in local stores. I can get 100 sheets of parchment for around $3.50 locally. $20 in the catalog. And the catalog prices don't include shipping fees.

KA bread flour was $3.68 for 5# today. Down from the $3.99 I had been paying over the summer, but not as low as the $2.72 I had paid last fall.



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staff of life

Because I make/sell about 300 loaves a week, I buy in 50 lb bags.  The AP (Sir Galahad) cost me 31 bucks on Wed, the high gluten (Sir Lancelot) ran 35 or 36 bucks.  They had been up around $40 a bag.


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People who will bite the hand that feeds them will lick the boots that kick them!


KA's shipping is quite high!  I live in Bumfu*k,AZ & we have nothing here unless it's Mexican...No Asian aisle, even.  I decided to make my own N.Y. Bagels 'cause I'm sure not getting them here!  I needed Malt syrup.  KA had it for 5.95 for 16oz.  Not bad, I thought.  The dummy (me) didn't look at the S & H (6.95 is Min.).  So now when I need something, I always take a look around & make it worth my while to order.  I have also noticed that their flour prices are higher than my (only 2) markets.


Annie T.  I might as well be on an island; I'm in the desert.