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our egyptian borek

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August 6, 2008 - 3:10pm -- chahira daoud

I hope you will like this picture, it is also from my little kitchen


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Submitted by ejm on

What a coincidence! I just tried Turkish borek for the first time on the weekend. I'm guessing they must be similar to Egyptian borek. The borek I tried were stuffed with cheese and a green leaf. I have no idea what the green leaf was; the lady said it was similar to spinach but she didn't know what it was called in English....

What stuffings did you use, Chahira Daoud? And is the dough a yeasted one?



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Submitted by chahira daoud on

Hello Elizabeth,,,, did u like the turkisk borek?

mine was made by a yeasted dough. about stuffing , it is up to your imagination

i used feta cheese+ mint leaves

feta cheese+fresh thym, sometimes i use ricotta with spinach but i add some sumak to enrich the taste using this sour flavor of sumak

ricotta + pastrami

hotdog to roll the dough around it, it is not traditional but to variate my collection i did so.

thank you for being interested of my dish

Chahira Daoud 

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Submitted by ejm on

I did like the borek, Chahira. And what a good idea to add sumak to your stuffing! (We've just recently discovered the wonders of sumak and love its citrus-like flavour.) And I really love the idea of mint and feta together too!

Is your dough quite simple? (simple as in just "flour, water, salt, yeast")


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Submitted by chahira daoud on

Hello Elizabeth , the dough is simple but the technic is a little bit different.I think that you are interrested, so i will write the recipe and i will take pictures also for the making steps, it will be my first time in this forum,so i have to prepare for it very well,so wait for the full topic at the end of this week , thank you elizabeth ,and sorry for being late, i was sooooo busy these days,ciaou

Chahira Daoud , Alexandria , Egypt

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Submitted by holds99 on

Chahira Daoud,

You did a very nice job on both your croissants and the borek.  I am not familiar with borek.  Are they served as appetizers?  Do you mix anything with the cheeses (feta and ricotta) for the fillings?  They look delicious, with the poppy and sesame seed toppings.  They also look like you may have glazed them.

EDIT: When I asked about mixing anything with the cheeses I was wondering about flavorings in addition to the spinach/greens.  With ricotta there are many types of flavorings that, along with sugar, may used for fillings, e.g. cannolis.  

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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Submitted by chahira daoud on

Dear sir :- thank you very much , i saw the bread that you made , it was awsome,i will try to learn from you some ideas and new technics, it is really an honor to me.

Borek is a kind of appetizers, but it is very delicious that we can not stop eating it all the day.Last month i invited my brother and his wife "she is an american". she could not stop eating it , ske asked me to put it in a secret place, simply because she can not stop .

this recipe is not common these days , in bakeries they use " patee or croissant dough" to make it,because they have already plenty of it in their place.

this recipe ,i prepared it using my taste memory ,when i was a child, our old neighbour was used to make it , she taught it to my mother but she did not write it , so i tried to use my imagination and my experience in the kitchen to discover it and finally i did.

it is totally different than the turkish one which is very similar to the phyllo dough, they use phyllo dough, during this week i will prepare it on the forum, wait for my first attempt on this forum.

about poppy seed , i did not use it , we do not have this seed in egypt , we do not use it , we use the black seed " you know it " it is very rich in flavor , very tasty and veeeery healthy.

Borek can be filled with dates,dates and almonds or minced beef meat preprepared and fried with onions flavored with cinnamon , cardamom,nut meg,black pepper and salt.sometimes we use cumin to flavor the feta or the ricotta cheese.

Sir, i did not understand the meaning of" cannolis" i searched in the dictionnary ,really i did not find this word, can you explain its meaning to me.

i am not soo good in english , forgive me, if you know its meaning in french,please tell me i can speak french much better , thank you

Chahira Daoud,  Alexandria , Egypt

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Submitted by holds99 on

Thanks for your kind words.  Your Boreks (in the photos) looked very nice and appetizing.  They sound like quite delicious appetizers and one can use imagination to create various fillings for them.  I look forward to your posting and your recipe.

As for the cannolis, they are an Italian desert that uses a tubular shaped shell about 5-6 inches long, where the shell is filled with a ricotta cheese mixture, sweetened with sugar and sometimes flavored with chocolate and spices, such as cinnamon.  The filling is piped  into the tubes (using a pastry bag and tip). They're quite delicious.  Here's a link that will show you what they look like.

Best of luck to you in your baking and keep us posted as to your baking adventures.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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Submitted by Psfarrow on

I have to try Borek now that I've seen your pictures.  I've always liked pastry with a savory taste.  I think the first one I would eat would be the round ones that are folded over and crimped on the edge (with sesame seeds).  They look almost like clam shells with a surprise in the middle - yum yum. 

I think my husband would really like these.  Thank you for sharing.

Shirley Anne

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Submitted by chahira daoud on

Dear Shirley , you are welcome all the dish is for you & your husband , i can send to you the whole dish wherever you are hahahaha.

Thank you for being interrested in my dish.I will put the ingredients and the way of making it during this week, may God be with me,it will be my first time!!!!

Thank you Shirley

Chahira Daoud , Alexandria , Egypt

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Submitted by cordel on


I will be watching for your recipe. I am always looking for interesting appetizers, especially those that can be made ahead, and I particularly like those with savoury fillings. Yours look delicious, and I like your description of the different fillings. Thank you for taking the time to post the pictures, and to write out a recipe.

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Submitted by ejm on

I too am very much looking forward to seeing your recipe, Chahira. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together. Happy baking!


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Submitted by Arlette on

I am Lebanese, and since five years I married and moved to North Bay Ontario, Canada.

I was looking at your food photos , very good lady, nice stuff... The snails are they Brioch stuffed with dried fruit??? can you share the recipe

glad to see more Middle Eastern Ladies joining the group.   Ahlan Wa sahlan

How is Egypt these days??? my brother and his wife went to Sharm El Sheikh on Easter and they really enjoyed it.   My family still living in Lebanon.



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Submitted by chahira daoud on

Thank you all for your nice compliments

it is a shame to reply tooooo late, but i was sooooo busy.

i was participated in the star chef competetion ( the arabic version), i had a pumpkin recipes festival,and in the occasion of "Ramadan", i was part in a very great competition on the internet.

i will try to show you some of my products, thank you and forgive me, God bless you all

Arlette , kifek??? 3amla eh? ketir mabsoutta biky.

Arlette , if you are interrested , i can send you the link of the full recipe on the net, but it will be in arabic, i think you do not mind, or i can translate it to you in english, no problem dear, we are sisters.

Egypt is great , i went to sharm , it is a very beautifull place ,i will go again in the winter, the weather will be great,i went last month in ein sokhna, it is a very lovely resort on the red sea, i enjoyed swimming with little fishes & sea stars " do you believe it  ?" , it was amazing.

I have a lot of friends from lebanon, you are welcome dear , try to join us on

on the kitchen forum.

Thank you cordel.

thank you ejm.

thank you dear,God bless you.