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My First experiences with Breads and Doughs!

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My First experiences with Breads and Doughs!


  I´m from Petrópolis, Rio, de Janeiro, Brazil.


  Here in my region, we not have a culture of rustic breads consumption. In Brazil, most of all regions we are eating some kind of Americanized white bread poor on nutritious ingredients, and the whole wheat loaves has been Americanizated too!!

  Most of all breads we eat here are those white American poor breads and small French breads.

  We don´t have here the culture of long fermentation breads, and rustic breads are almost unexistents.

  Then i began my first experiences baking some whole wheat no-knead breds, topping them with flaxseeds, oat grains and sunflower seeds.

  The results was amazing. All my family eats such kind of healthy loaves daily, and for me this is the better part on the history. The fact that i could improve better health to all my family, baking my own breads on house oven!!

   And no doubt about the fact that in this times of world food crisis, this was a nice great decision i hv taken in my life! Im happy here testing new recipes daily, and for me is a good reason to bake and discuss each day more and more breads!!

   I hope all our experiences could improve new beginers and artisan breads lovers!!


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Yes, I agree with you.  We can make this wonderful, healthgiving bread in our own homes.  We don't have to eat horrid storebought stuff.  It's a blessing indeed.