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Modified food starch in pizza dough

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Modified food starch in pizza dough

I have heard that some people put modified food starch in their pizza doughs. I have also heard that this stuff is expensive. Are these guys crazy or do they have some secret I don’t know?


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They're crazy.

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Plain olde flour (unbleached) is fine, added gluten can change it , but really not needed. enough water, good knead, refriferation or tempering for 8-24 hours more important, followed by good sauce and good cheese.

Finally a nice hot oven550 degree oven is needed as well, for round thin pies. you can do Grandma and Sidgie pies at lower temps if you like.

read a premade dough/crust /baked off bread package they put lotsa crap in there. Like corn sweetner/mono diglycerides, or to hide it glycols, as well as stuff you cannot even pronounce. Humans have made dough and bread for a few 1,000 years. And quality and taste vary, it took American Food Scientists a mere 75  years or so to destroy basic food.

Get and read a few back copies of Food Technology or other industrial/trade magazines. you will bake from scratch as well stop eating store bought everything. I tempered myself years ago from doing that, but I make a lot of stuff from raw basics. I am NOT a tree hugging vegan, but I have total respect for them, and only phrase it that way so you understand, there are degrees. In the long haul, I believe anyone will to join this group, and do even some of what there is to do, is already improving their health.

The next few years may make more then some of us virtual vegans, but my rice and beans (or pasta lenticia, pasta fagoole, Escarole and beans)WILL be the best they can be, and with some of the recipes here, my humblest breads will not be humble, they will be darn good.

mangia qui fait granda



ps If you like white cannalini beans buy all you can afford they are about to go way up in price. progresso stopped selling them and goya's price could almost double.   woof

 I went out to buy a cas of chick red and whites and was told that by the store owner.