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I can finally relate! New baker

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I can finally relate! New baker

Hi all,

Finally, an on-line group that I can relate to. I'm very excited about being a part of this community. A quick peruse of the site has me enthusiastic about plugging in here. I recently (just yesterday) decided to start baking bread. I live in Alaska and we're paying $4 a loaf for bread that's been baked ages ago and trucked up here so thought I'd get going on making my own. Already had one disaster - broke my thermometer in the oil/honey/water solution as I was waiting for it to cool down. Had to go get fresh supplies so tonight is the night! A friend gave me her bread recipe in 2005 and I'm finally just getting around to trying it.

 Take care and I look forward to more blogging. Hildy

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Welcome, Hildy.  So many of the new people here have been baking for months, or they used to bake years ago and just came back to it.  But this is a totally new venture for you.  Well, it's very doable.

Remember, it can be very simple or quite elaborate.  Everyone chooses his/her own style.  Start with simple, straightforward recipes before deciding which way you want to go.

All I know is homemade bread is ALWAYS better than storebought.


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 Thanks for responding. Well after the first catastrophe of breaking my thermometer, I tried again the next nite with great success. The recipe I was using called for 1 cup of honey, 4TBS of yeast and 1/2 cup olive oil. Although I like the bread it is bordering on the sweet side for me. I would also like to do more with whole wheet but not sure if I need gluten for that or if I can just do 1/2 and1/2 with white flour. I'd like to try the artisan breads and will get there. Take care, Hild

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Hello and welcome to a fun place to learn anything you need to know about baking bread...I started about 30 years ago and still consider myself a mid range bread baker always learning something new..I started first the old fashioned way with just my hands.  I now love to use my bread machine and kitchenAid to do most of the work  kneading.  I first ventured into this site from BreadTopia where I learned to make the really fun and easy No Knead Bread....and every since that I've really got the bug for more bread books and learning all the time.  Right now I'm into Pizza making in a wood fired oven.

You will love your new bread venture and won't have to pay $4 a loaf for old flavorless bread ....Happy Baking!

Sylvia in San Diego

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You've definitely come to the right place. Keep us posted on your progress.


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Welcome.  If you enjoy baking, this is site is the place to be.  It's a great group of people and many excellent bakers. 

Keep us posted as to your baking adventures.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL