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Professional Baking by Wayne Glissen and Le Cordon Bleu Academie D' Art Culinaire De Paris

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Professional Baking by Wayne Glissen and Le Cordon Bleu Academie D' Art Culinaire De Paris

I recently (3 months ago) got Professional Baking Fourth Editon by Wayne Glissen and Le Cordon Bleu Academie D' Art Culinaire De Paris book because it was one of the few books that I've been able to find here in Hong Kong that covers just about every spectrum of baked goods you can imagine. It even has a special section devoted to 'artisan' style baking and breads.

Does any one else here own this book?

Have you studied it out of it on a course?

Read any other books by Wayne Glissen?

It's a massive volume - and is every bit the text book with terms for review and study - like a baking university in a book.
It goes into massive detail about the chemistry behind ingredients as well as how to use them and has a great section on bakers percentages and is chock full of theory and they give you a plenty of formulas to test out your theory on.

The premise is that the book/course seems to be founded on is that if you truly understand the theory behind baking and doughs that you can then use that as a solid foundation to branch out and make formulas your own through ingenuity and creativity. A pretty good premise to work from it seems.

Info, insight or comments welcome.

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Wow. Not a single response.
I'm kind of surprised - perhaps this book doesn't have a very wide distribution in the US as I expected.

Ok, well if anyone gets the chance to check it out from the library they'll find that it's chock full of good theory and information in regards to baking. One of the better books I've seen.

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the only reason didn't get any responses is because that book is issued to students of Le Cordon Bleu students. Can't really find it at stores.I imagine you probably bought it used from a Le Cordon Bleu student.

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This is a welcome addition to my library.  It's a very lucid book for all forms of baking and illuminates some of the more arcane subjects like what makes European and American flours different.  I recommend it to any serious home or professional baker. 


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A great book, by Wayne Glissen he was my pastry chef at CIA many years ago, I have the first edition in which I learned @ it.

He's a very knowledgeable chef that teaches me a lot in the past, great book, for those who want to read and learn something new. He’s teaching at Cordon blue so the book has change since the first edition.

Available at Amazon $26.45

Very well recommended