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tomcats filone

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July 28, 2008 - 4:10pm -- weavershouse

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Submitted by holds99 on


That's a great looking loaf and a real cutie holding it.  The loaf looks like a 3 pounder from here.  I was waiting for you to post a blog on this one.  If you did I must have missed it.  I saw the other photo and the crumb looks great too.  You did gooood!  I'll add this one to my "to bake" list.   Thanks.


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Submitted by weavershouse on

When I saw David's photo of Tom Cat's Filone I thought I made it some time back so I looked it up and there it was. I did like this bread and hope to make it soon to see how it does now that I've learned some things since then. Give it a try and let us see the results.


Tonight I might post the English Muffins I made today that finally have nooks and crannies. And I made Bill Wraiths Pagnotta. If the photos came out I'll post them too.


Thanks for the compliment Howard.                                                                   weavershouse